Honouring WWI Servicemen & Women with Wairoa Connections


Discover and share your family story with our Wairoa community.
SALUTE Wairoa is retrieving personal stories from the perspective of Wairoa War One Veterans.

This collaborative project is about those who gave their lives, those who returned, those who worked at the home front…
Rediscovering real stories about real people with a connection or association with Wairoa district.
Over 350 Wairoa soldiers served overseas, including 166 of the Maori Pioneer Battalion, and 6 nurses…

Their stories have never been collected, so SALUTE Wairoa is a salvage operation that searches for taonga,  letters, memorabilia, medals  and memories from the families… so our youth can appreciate the sacrifice undertaken.

More volunteers are needed to create this colossal project… and funding.  

A portable, interactive, multi-media TouchTable, tracing the profiles of every Veteran, will be exhibited throughout the district, and later on permanent viewing at Wairoa Museum.

The community project is being managed  by Dennis Munro, Liz Greenslade and Sue Wilson who are all involved with the Clydebank and Districts Historical Trust and have experience and research skills. A Maori Research unit will capture Maori veterans stories.