Honouring WWI Servicemen & Women with Wairoa Connections


The Interactive Multi-media TOUCHTABLE is state-of-the-art technology, which is only just being
introduced into this country. It is light, durable and portable. We have assembled a team with the experience, skills and the tools to present our people’s stories on this Interactive TOUCHTABLE.

A TOUCHTABLE is like a giant iPad, the size of trestle table, which can be operated simultaneously by one to eight people. Information is accessed by the touch of the finger – and visuals, photographs, films, letters, telegrams, cards and mementos reveal local social history and life experiences.
Visitors on approaching the TOUCHTABLE are presented with hundreds of moving historical photos floating before them, and occasionally sinking into the black depths.

Using one hand, you may then pull up one of the photos towards the edge of the table, whereupon the story of the photo is revealed.
Each photo is associated with a serviceperson’s name, and some background or testimony of that serviceperson. The user may then choose to view photographs in a collection that is closely related, perhaps from the same family, battleground or area.

Salute Wairoa Management Team from left: Sue Wilson,
Liz Greenslade and Dennis Munro